What We Invent?

We have set a new standard by inventing new and secure communication technologies.

Kriptoline is not a Voip solution and does not implement SIP based protocols which are widely used in the world for communication.

Attack methods on SIP based protocols are given below

  • Wiretapping Attack
  • Man in the Middle Attack
  • Change of Register of data
  • Session Corruption Attack

The Difference of Kriptoline

The secure communication protocol we have developed is different from the SIP + SRTP (ZRTP) or WEBRTC protocols that already exist, and no vulnerabilities for the cyber security threats commonly experienced in these protocols, have been identified yet.

It is an innovative and unique protocol in its field.

It is not an open source software.

Other Benefits Of Kriptoline:

  • Real P2P communication supported (Not only key pair exchange.)
  • End-to-end encrypted voice call, encrypted messaging and file transfer.
  • Multi-platform support.
  • Is a suitable solution for military, governmental institutions, companies and VIP individuals.

Do You Know ?

Kriptoline contacts are separated from your phone's contact list, the system uses nicknames and e-mails instead of phone numbers. Your phone number is not linked with your Kriptoline account

Unlimited number of Kriptoline licenses can be used on mobile devices.